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We accept insurance benefits assignments from any and all insurance companies that provide payment to dentists in general. If your dental insurance provides payment for all your services for the visit, you do not have to pay us, we can file insurance and let the insurance company pays us. If your insurance benefits only cover a portion of your charges, we only need to collect the difference. However, please be aware of that the same dental insurance plan may cover all the charges for one type of services but only cover a portion of your charges for another type of services. Therefore your insurance company may pay for all the charges in one category but only a portion of the charges if the services fall into another category. If your insurance plan only sends payment to you, then please feel free to take care of your charges and let your insurance send you the payment. We are glad to help you figure out your insurance benefits as best as we can. 

Dental insurance is a contract between two parties, often based on cost, and it has very little bearing on your dental needs, what you need may or may not be covered by the particular contract. Dental insurance often times does not cover all the charges, usually it covers only a portion, and at times it does not cover certain necessary procedures. Moreover, most insurance companies have a dollar amount limit for each period of time, usually a calendar year. If that amount was used up, the company will not pay any more the rest of the year. Fortunately, a new allotment is usually available the next year. 

We will try to find out and help you utilize your dental benefits you are entitled to. We can complete the necessary forms and submit them to your insurance company. To expedite payments we will also communicate with you when your insurance company needs information that only you can provide. 

Sometimes your insurance may provide written information based on an estimate of your dental needs, we can submit a request for information, which is a pre-determination, to your insurance company to obtain more reliable estimate of what payments you can expect from your insurance company. If they request additional x-rays we will be glad to take those x-rays and submit them, the costs of those x-rays are usually covered. With pre-determination, we can proceed with treatment with only the portion not covered by your insurance. 

In the unlikely event that your insurance company does not provide benefits as expected, you are responsible for the full amount of the services. And, we can also provide assistance in acquiring alternate financing for your dental needs. 

Furthermore, many insurance companies renegotiate the contract between your employer and the insurance company on a regular basis, therefore your coverage may be different from year to year depending on the outcome of the renegotiated contract. Please help by providing us your most current dental insurance information. Please feel free to contact or call us for any questions or clarifications. 

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